Angelo Ciulla – Butcher

  • How long have you worked at Cioffi's?

    I have been a butcher at Cioffi’s for 24 years

  • What do you do at Cioffi's?

    I’m a butcher/meat cutter. I cut all types of meat, but I also make the meatballs here and the breaded veal and chicken cutlets. We sell a lot of these items, so it keeps me busy. Our meatball panino in the Cucina is named The Angelo and we won best meatball in the city by Vancouver Foodster.

  • Why do you like working at Cioffi's?

    I like working at Cioffi’s because I like doing my job and I like the people, the people I work with, and the customers.

  • Can you tell us a few of your favourite products from Cioffi's?

    I like meat. I like veal and steaks. I also like the stuffed chickens and the turducken. I make those things here. I used to be a chef many years ago.

  • What part of Italy are you from? Can you tell us your favourite traditional meal you make at home using products from Cioffi’s?

    I am from Agrigento, Sicily. I make many traditional meals at home using Cioffi’s products. I love to make lasagna and cannelloni using fresh ricotta, veal, beef, and pork. I also make Veal Saltimbocca all Romana with fresh veal cutlets, prosciutto from our deli and sage. Delizioso!