Cioffi's Meat Market

Our Meat Market is stocked with the highest quality of local meats cut fresh to order by skilled butchers. We have an extensive selection of premium meats, such as Organic Grass-Fed Beef, Canada AAA Prime, Kobe, Wagyu, and Dry-Aged Beef, Free Range, and Organic Chicken. We carry local all-natural antibiotic and hormone free BC Pork in a variety of cuts. We also offer various types of game, fowl, lamb, veal, and so much more. Come try our family’s renowned Italian sausages or one of the other dozens of housemade sausages. Whether you’re in the mood for a natural Berkshire Pork Crown Roast, an Organic Grass Fed Prime Rib, or a fresh cut White Veal Chop our experienced butchers will have you covered!

Housemade Sausages

For over 25 years Cioffi’s has been known for it’s homemade Italian sausage. The recipe is simple….all-natural, hormone and antibiotic free BC pork with salt and pepper and a lot of love. No additives, no fillers, no nitrates. Our Italian sausages come in mild or spicy depending on your mood. Our hottest and newest sausage is our Free Range Chicken Tuscan sausage which is a marriage of sautéed onions, sweet peppers, and vegetables with local farm fresh free- range chicken to create a tasty and lighter Italian style sausage. This is a must-try. The Tuscan sausage is truly a favourite in the Cioffi family home.

Cioffi’s has dozens of varieties of housemade sausages, such as duck and pear sausage, turkey sausage with rapini and Taleggio cheese, the poutine sausage, maple thyme pork sausage, free-range bison with roasted mushrooms, lamb merguez, rabbit sausage with apricots and white wine and so many more! Our rabbit sausage is even on Vancouver Magazine’s 101 Local Things to Eat Before You Die list!

Beef; Organic Grass Fed & Kobe

Cioffi’s has fresh AAA Canadian Prime local beef in every cut you can imagine. Our highly skilled butchers will cut anything to your specification and will fresh grind your beef for you upon order. We specialize in dry-aging and we dry age up to 48 days. Ask one of our butchers about a dry-aged Tomahawk steak for a true foodie experience.

The Cioffi Family favourite is the Organic Grass-Fed local Beef from Blue Goose Pure Foods. This beef comes from farms in the Cariboo-Chilcotin region of BC. The pure taste and tenderness of this meat comes from cattle that have been pasture-raised, grass-fed, and humanely treated. For a true pasture-to-plate meal choose Blue Goose organic meats for your family. The Cioffi family does.

For when you really want to spoil yourself, we fly fresh authentic Japanese Kobe beef in from Japan. This is the most tender and flavourful meat you will ever eat and is really a delicacy. Authentic Japanese Kobe is known for it’s intense fat marbling that creates this unique flavour. Ask one of our butchers in our meat department to see when the next fresh shipment is arriving. If you don’t want to break the bank we also offer several takes on the authentic Kobe, such as local Canadian Wagyu, American Wagyu, and Australian Wagyu. The taste is very similar to the Japanese Kobe as they cross breed Japanese Kobe/Wagyu breeds with other highly prized breeds, such as Black Angus to get a similar taste profile and marbling. This beef is slightly less fatty than the Japanese Kobe, but is still incredibly tasty. The meat truly melts in your mouth and is a true foodie experience.


Cioffi’s has a large selection of lamb in every cut you can imagine. We bring in whole lambs and cut per your request and we also have a variety of cuts and marinated cuts available in our case. Most of our premium lamb comes from local family farms from Kelowna to Alberta to ensure the freshest taste for your family. Canadian lamb is grass-fed and grain-finished to provide a beautifully unique flavour. The Cioffi family prefers to eat local lamb, however Australian and New Zealand lamb is also offered. These are a nice option and often a bit less expensive. Everyone has a personal taste preference between local, Australian, and New Zealand lambs. Regardless, they are all delicious. Pick up a bone-in leg of lamb to make a delicious roast, lamb shank to make Osso Bucco, or a gorgeous frenched rack of lamb to impress your guests.


Cioffi’s has a vast pork selection with it’s very own department because that’s how much we love local BC natural pork. It’s the other white meat and is lean and full of protein and nutrients. Some of our favourite pork suppliers include Johnston Family Farms, Fiore Farms, and North Thompson Heritage Ranch. Most of our pork is hormone free and antibiotic free. Just ask our pork specialist to help you. You can buy the whole animal from us if you’re adventurous enough to do a pig on a spit at home. If not, come in and try some pork cutlets, baby back ribs, a frenched pork loin chop, or a stunning pork rib crown roast. Bone-in or boneless fully-cooked and raw hams are a great choice for any holiday. One of our best sellers is the pork loin roast stuffed with feta, sundried tomatoes, and spinach. Pork belly is a hot foodie item at the moment and is a boneless cut of fatty meat that imparts amazing flavour to many recipes. Try slow roasting it with the skin on for a crispy and tender combo.

Another hot pork product at the moment is Berkshire pork, which is a heritage breed of pig first discovered in the UK. This pork is often considered the Kobe beef of pork. It is produced locally in BC now and this type of pork is prized for its intense flavour, fat marbling, texture, and juiciness. Cioffi’s carries local farm fresh Berkshire pork in a variety of cuts and whole pigs. A bone-in Berkshire rib chop is a must try! Wild Boar is another delicious pork option and we are proud to carry this natural and healthy boar from Alberta.

When it comes to bacon Cioffi’s has you covered…slab bacon, European bacon, double-smoked bacon, gammon bacon, Berkshire bacon, Applewood-Smoked bacon, bison bacon, wild boar bacon, peppered beef bacon and more! The Cioffi family thinks that bacon makes everything better and we think you’ll agree.


Veal is a favourite meat among many Italians for it’s soft texture and delicate taste. Cioffi’s offers both grain-fed and milk-fed veal. Milk-fed veal is lighter in colour and a bit more tender. Grain-fed has a bit of a more robust flavour and more closely resembles the taste of beef. We specialize in Italian style veal cutlets and will cut these to order per the customer’s request. Everyone has a preference for their veal cutlets, whether pounded or run through our tenderizing machine are sure to be delicious. A thick-cut veal chop is a Cioffi family favourite and the flavour is remarkable. Impress your guests with one of these bad boys at your next dinner party. Or try your hand at some other Italian favourites, such as veal parmigiana or osso bucco.


Cioffi’s is proud to offer fresh local JD Farms Specialty turkeys from Langley, BC. These turkeys are humanely raised and roam freely with access to plenty of fresh water and are fed a special diet of grain, vitamins, minerals, and no antibiotics or hormones. These birds are prized for their outstanding flavour. Blow your friends and family away at your next holiday meal with one of these exceptional turkeys. Be sure to pre-order as the holidays can get busy at Cioffi’s.

Specialty, Game & Exotic Meats

The choice of meats at Cioffi’s is endless. We offer a variety of speciality, game, and exotic meats. For example, we carry free-range bison, fresh goat, rabbit, duck, venison, goose, elk, ostrich, sweetbreads, tongue, foie gras, cheeks, tripe, and just about anything you can think of. If you don’t think we have it, just ask one of our friendly butchers and if we don’t have it we can probably get it!

Stuffed, Marinated, & Prepared Meats

There are many easy dinner options at Cioffi’s Meat Market. We have a selection of pre-marinated meats, such as lemon cornish hens, lamb in salsa verde, rosemary garlic butterflied lamb chops, or garlic marinated chicken and vegetable spiedini (skewers).

Our pre-breaded veal, chicken, and pork cutlets are very popular as they make a quick dinner for your family. Another popular and easy dinner idea are the chicken breasts stuffed with zucchini and fontina cheese and wrapped in Applewood smoked bacon. You can find Angelo’s famous meatballs in the fresh and frozen section. Cioffi’s won Vancouver Foodster’s Meatball Challenge for best meatball in the city! We have other types of meatballs as well, such as free-range Tuscan chicken meatballs and turkey meatballs. We make a variety of fresh and frozen burger patties with premium beef, pork, and/or veal. We can fresh make you burgers out of just about any cut of meat you desire. Our Kobe beef burgers and truffle pork burgers are extremely popular and perfect for a summer BBQ.


We specialize in meat and deli, but we have a large selection of seafood in the freezer section of our deli. There’s calamari, mussels, clams, lobster tails, and many varieties of prawns. There is a variety of sustainable and Ocean Wise options to choose from. Two of my favourite things to bring home are the Ocean Wise prawns from the Gulf of Mexico along with the sustainable Red Argentinian prawns. They are to die for! Of course, we also carry traditional salted cod or baccala in the refrigerator section of the deli. Our other seafood items include jarred octopus, caviar, squid ink, bottarga, white anchovies from Italy, sardines, and the ever popular Rio Mare tuna.