Cioffi's Italian Deli

In the Deli you will find an array of fresh cheeses, deli meats, olives, antipasti, olive oils, vinegars, and jarred goods, which are just a few of the vast selection of products offered.

A must-have from the deli is definitely the fresh Burrata flown in weekly from Italy. Pop in for some fresh local bread, fresh and dried pastas, or some of Mamma Cioffi’s tomato sauce made by Mamma herself.

With items such as organic pesto sauce, veal ravioli, local Buffalo Mozzarella, fresh truffle pecorino and more, your charcuterie platters and meal possibilities are endless!

Deli Meats

At Cioffi’s we are passionate about offering the highest quality charcuterie, deli meats, and dry-cured meats. We carry a variety of cold cut meats, either Italian, European, or local, as well as made in house.

We specialize in the finest selection of prosciutto that you can find anywhere. A few of our favourite brands include San Danielle and Ruliano. We have a large selection of Italian meats, such as mortadella, capicollo, soppressata, parmacotto, salami, cacciatore and more.

We have natural and gluten free options, as well as organic options too, such as BlueGoose organic roast beef. We carry everything from simple black forest ham to the more extravagant Iberico ham from Spain.

The possibilities are endless with over 200 different deli meats offered in store! Come in and see for yourself.


At Cioffi’s we love cheese which is why we offer well over 250 types of cheeses! We have a variety of local, Italian, and European cheeses to suit every palate. Cioffi’s deli carries all the essentials, such as Italian Provolone, Edam, Swiss, local and Danish Havarti, aged cheddars and also the more extravagant cheeses, such as truffle Pecorino, drunken Manchego, and aged Cheddar with balsamic onions. A new foodie item is the Dutch Cantenaar cheese that is low in fat and salt, but high in flavour with a nutty and buttery taste. We also offer plenty of local handcrafted artisan cheeses, such as Bries, Goat Cheeses, and Camemberts. One great local cheese is Smokehouse Aged Cheddar from the Village Cheese Company in Armstrong, BC.

If organic is your thing then opt for the grass-fed organic Cheddar from Mainland New Zealand. Another popular item is our new Buffalo cheese cured with Prosecco…try it alongside a glass of Prosecco for the ultimate experience.

Cioffi’s sells Italian specialties, such as fresh ricotta, ricotta salata, mascarpone, and fresh buffalo mozzarella from the Campania region of Italy to name a few. We specialize in Burrata cheese which is a fresh mozzarella filled with cream that is the most amazing and delicate cheese. We fly Burrata in fresh from Italy and the US once a week.

We carry whole wheels of aged Parmigiano Padano and Reggiano from Italy that are cut fresh in house. We are one of the few delis that grate Parmesan cheese fresh every single day. Our cheese selection is endless and sure to impress your guests. If you’d like to sample any of these cheeses, just ask one of our ladies in the deli for a taste!


In our deli counter we have a large selection of antipasti to choose from. These items are great for charcuterie platters, appetizers, or served in sandwiches, and more. We have a vast selection of olives, local and imported from Italy, Greece, and Turkey. We have roasted red peppers, seafood salads, olive tapenades, spicy eggplant strips, stuffed pimento peppers, provolone stuffed eggplant, sweet drop peppers and so many more.

Our locally made hummus and artichoke dips are a fan favourite. Try some balsamic onions on your next charcuterie plate to complement your meats and cheeses.

Check out our grocery section for more products that you can find in our deli!