Cioffi's Italian Shopping Phrases

Italian Phrases For Shopping

At Cioffi’s, we have all different nationalities working with us. We still do have a lot of Italians too. We are one of the only shops in the lower mainland where you can still hear people conversing and shopping in Italian. Most of our ladies behind the deli counter still speak Italian. They would love it if you tried to speak Italian next time you’re in shopping. Give it a go! Mangia bene, vivi bene! (Eat well, live well!)

  1. Buongiorno – Good morning or hello
  2. 2. Mi scusi, sto cercando il formaggio – Excuse me, I’m looking for cheese
  3. 3. Vorrei assaggiare quel prosciutto? – May I try some of that prosciutto?
  4. 4. Quanto costa? – How much does that cost?
  5. 5. Vorrei 300 grammi di prosciutto per favore – I would like 300 grams of prosciutto please
  6. 6. Me ne può aggiungere un po’? – Can you add a little bit more?
  7. 7. Cosa ha di biologico? – What do you have that is organic?
  8. Ho bisogno di 10 fettine di vitello – I need 10 slices of veal
  9. Grazie – Thank you
  10. 10. Ci vediamo! – See you soon!