The Cioffi’s Top Ten!

For those of you who have visited our store you know we have a huge selection of delectable and mouth-watering items to choose from. Soooo, we have been asked a million times what we think are the “must-have” items here at Cioffi’s. I have wracked my brain to try to come up with only 10 of our best-selling and most popular items. I could easily do a top 100 list too! Please let us know what you think we need to add to this list!

1. House made Italian Sausage (especially the Tuscan Free Range Chicken Sausage & local pork Italian) Meat Department
2. Burrata (Flown in fresh from Italy) Deli Department
3. Mamma Cioffi’s Tomato Sauce freezer section Meat & Deli Departments
4. AAA Local BlueGoose Organic Beef (Dry-Aged or not) Meat Department
5. Spaghetti with a spicy chicken sauce & peas Cucina
6. Braised Oxtail Sandwich with arugula, sharp cheddar, crispy onions, & garlic aioli Cucina
7. Ruliano Prosciutto from Parma Deli Department
8. Domenica Fiore Extra Virgin Olive Oil Deli Department
9. Due Vittorie Balsamic Vinegar Di Modena Deli Department
10. Organic Nocciolata Rigoni Di Asiago (basically…organic Nutella) Deli Department